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Vibration Engineering Consultants Announces Acquisition of NorCal Sound Solutions

San Francisco, CA – Vibration Engineering Consultants (VEC), is excited to announce the acquisition of NorCal Sound Solutions, a leading provider of acoustic abatement and sound reduction services. This new collaboration will allow VEC to expand its offerings to include consultation, material purchase, and installation of sound absorption materials as well as a variety of sound solutions including blackout and laser curtains.

As a premier provider of Vibration, EMI magnetic field, vibration testing, and Acoustic noise consulting and testing services, VEC is dedicated to helping its clients create, reduce and eliminate electromagnetic interference and vibration that may cause disturbances in lab, facility and office environments. The addition of NorCal Sound Solutions allows the company to offer a full range of services to address the needs of its clients in fields such as; Material science, production, testing, manufacturing, and laboratory facilities.

SEM Lab treated with Pinta Prospec Composite acoustic noise abatement materials.

"We are thrilled to welcome NorCal Sound Solutions to the Vibration Engineering Consultants family," said Paul Blanton, CEO of Vibration Engineering Consultants. "This acquisition allows us to provide a comprehensive range of solutions to our clients, and we look forward to working with the talented team at NorCal Sound Solutions to deliver the best possible results for our customers."

For more information, contact Paul Blanton, President, Vibration Engineering Consultants.

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