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About Us

Vibrations Engineering Consultants (VEC) are the experts in the measurement, design, and remediation of the external sources of disturbance that impact high-tech manufacturing and analytical equipment. Founded in 1983, VEC initially focused on-site surveys for electron microscopes.  Since then, we have continuously invested in technologies and developed partnerships to expand and optimize our service so that our clients have the answers and information they need to meet their project needs.


What are our core values?

At VEC, we understand that the basis of an excellent relationship is trust. Most of our work comes from returning customers or referrals, of which we are very proud. To maintain this trust, we strive to adhere to our core values:

Always provide value to our clients

When a company hires VEC, our priority is to make our client’s investment in both time and resources worthwhile. We always aim to impart our knowledge and experience so that our clients can make informed decisions about their most critical equipment.

To be intellectually honest with clients

We base our recommendations on the data we collect. VEC views providing accurate, reliable data as a matter of integrity. We are transparent concerning our methodology, and we only propose products of the highest quality.

Provide clients with outstanding service

We endeavor to be responsive, punctual, and to meet client requirements as quickly as possible. Beyond our traditional products and services, we always strive to accommodate unique client requests.


What services do we provide?

VEC provides several services to customers:

  • Site Surveys and Site Evaluations – We conduct site surveys that measure the vibration, acoustic noise, magnetic field, floor stiffness, and other factors against the manufacturer’s provided specifications. Typically VEC completes this work for electron microscopes, high-tech manufacturing and analytical tools, and research instruments. Our service is scalable from a single tool location to an entire factory floor.
  • Design Consulting – We work with architects, engineers, facilities managers, and end-users to design best in class facilities to meet the unique requirements of client equipment. We will use a combination of testing and advanced modeling to ensure that the new facility meets client needs and validate the results at the end.
  • Remediation – If we identify a problem, we will work with the client to either mitigate the issue directly or provide a solution that eliminates the problem at the tool location.


What products do we sell?

  • Vibration Isolation – VEC is the distributor of Daiel Systems’ active vibration isolation products in North and South America.
  • Magnetic Field Cancellation – VEC is the distributor of the Spicer Magnetic Field Cancellation Systems in North and South America.


What makes us different?

At VEC, we have several critical differentiators from others in the industry.


Our reports are best-in-class, containing an informative and concise interpretation and analysis of the data collected as well as recommendations for the remediation if required.

More to Offer

Our site surveys are unique in that we offer an evaluation of the disturbances affecting both a single instrument at a particular location and several instruments at various locations. Also, we can identify an isolated source of the disturbance on a client’s microscope or equipment.  As a distributor of Daeil Systems and Spicer Consulting, VEC offers the most effective active vibration isolators and EMI cancellation systems.  Furthermore, our relationship with Quantridge enables us to provide the ultimate monitoring system available for high-tech manufacturing, microscopy, and research applications.

Beginning to end project support

We will be with you for the duration of the project.  First, we conduct a site evaluation to determine the suitability of a location for your equipment.  Next, we work with you and your team to model and design the space. Then we install any remediation equipment required.  Finally, we will conduct a final site validation to ensure that the location meets your requirements.  Once complete, the Quantridge monitoring platform will ensure that your best-in-class facility so well into the future.

Collaboration with Project Personnel

VEC co-operates with architects and engineers and offers guidance to lab managers to ensure a facility meets the unique requirements of client equipment.


Where are we located?

Located in Burlingame, CA, VEC is an integral part of the Silicon Valley ecosystem.  VEC provides its products and services to the companies and research organizations at the forefront of technological innovation.


Where are our customers?

VEC serves customers throughout North America and worldwide. VEC utilizes its experience in Silicon Valley to provide the highest quality of products and services to customers throughout North America and worldwide. We will never hesitate to jump on an airplane to help a client.


How do I learn more?

Please don’t hesitate to contact us at info5@vibeng.com or give us a call at 831-465-9189. Or contact us through the website.

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