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Acoustic noise. Magnetic fields. Vibration. No location is completely free of these environmental factors, so understanding how such disturbances affect your site can save you from unexpected costs and headaches.

Using their vast expertise of the sources of environmental interference, VEC provides site surveys, analysis and evaluation, remediation strategies and real-time monitoring to give you thorough and detailed data from your space so that you can make informed decisions.

VEC is especially knowledgeable in the stringent requirements of the semiconductor, microscopy, and analytical instrument industries – where any deviation from the optimal operating environment can have serious consequences.

We work with architects, construction contractors, and engineers who are building research centers, laboratories, and manufacturing facilities. Getting us in early to evaluate building sites and provide design consulting assures that best practices for controlling environmental interference can be addressed during architectural design and building construction.

We work with laboratory managers and directors to identify sources of problems that degrade the performance of an electron microscope or other analytical instruments. And we deliver the most comprehensive data detailing space performance so that you know what you will need to do to prepare your room when you want to add new tools. VEC focuses on the data, not the products, so you are assured of unbiased, accurate site evaluations and recommendations.


Daeil Systems Active Vibration Isolation Platforms

VEC is pleased to be the exclusive North and South American distributor for Daeil Systems.

Daeil Systems has supplied vibration isolation systems for over 35 years to industrial manufacturing, research institutes and universities across the globe. They continuously improve their products to keep pace with the increasingly stringent resolution requirements in high technology manufacturing and nanoscale research.  All systems are TUV and CE certified and backed with a three-year warranty.

Learn more about the Daeil Systems products from VEC.


Magnetic Field Cancellation – Spicer

VEC is proud to be a distributor for Spicer Consulting, the manufacturer of the microscopy and semiconductor industries’ preferred solutions for magnetic field cancellation. We cover the USA, Canada, Mexico, and South America.

Not all facilities require magnetic field cancellation as part of the remediation strategy, but for those that do, our collaboration with Spicer provides a distinct advantage when these systems are needed.

Learn More About Spicer Products



Acoustic Abatement Solutions

VEC helps take the guesswork out of acoustic abatement with our full-service solutions, including material selection, performance calculations, and installation.

  • Sound Absorption & Transmission Products 
  • Acoustic Enclosures 
  • Cleanroom Products 
  • Beam Safety products

Learn more about the Acoustic Abatement Solutions from VEC.

Vibration Reduction for Sensitive Instruments