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Technical Benefits

Advanced Controls that are Easy to Set Up & Operate

Spicer systems adapt to field changes within 100 μs while allowing users to quickly set up the system, adjust resets, and display units with a few taps and an intuitive interface. Remote monitoring is available for the SC24 and SC26 models.

SC24 Screen

Field OK Indicator Light

Quick confirmation that the microscope is clear for use with a green "Field OK" indication on the sensor(s) & controller

Create a "Virtual Sensor" Inside the Electron Beam Column

Spicer controllers help VEC use two sensors to create a "virtual sensor" in the electron beam column, optimizing cancellation for better imaging. VEC recommends this setup for high-resolution instruments and facilities with high field levels or significant magnetic field gradients.

Virtual Sensor Diagram


Turnkey Solutions

VEC delivers turnkey solutions for vibration isolation, magnetic field cancellation, and acoustic abatement for your laboratory. You get expert guidance in product selection, transparent design, on-site installation, and post-sale support for sustained performance with us.

Product Selection

VEC reviews instrument specifications, site testing data, and facility layout to select the product most suitable for your requirements.


VEC provides design documents based on instrument footprint, product details, and project drawings to communicate the proposed solution before purchase. Seismic calculations and stamped structural drawings are available as needed.


VEC ensures production accuracy based on the design and will keep project members abreast of timelines and delivery details.

Stakeholder Coordination

VEC strives to clearly coordinate with the many project stakeholders, including architects, facilities, contractors, and equipment manufacturers.


VEC engineers will provide on-site installation services to ensure your systems' proper installation and performance. VEC provides installation reports documenting the installation and system performance.


VEC stands behind its products and performance beyond the sale and installation, and engineers are available for support as needed.

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