DVIA-T Series

Active Vibration Isolation for Precision Tabletop Microscopes & Instruments

The DVIA-T is simple to install and operate and comes in various sizes and configurations to meet your unique requirements. The DVIA-T Series’ smallest unit is compact and lightweight, measuring 420mm x 500mm x 93mm and weighing only 25kg, making it easy to carry and install in any facility. The software and sensors enable real-time monitoring of vibration levels and isolation performance, while the front LCD display allows for automatic leveling and vibration monitoring.

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Exceptional Low & High-Frequency Active Vibration Isolation

The DVIA-T Series is the most advanced tabletop active vibration isolation platform, designed to isolate precision instruments from low-frequency vibrations and deliver 40 – 80% vibration isolation at 1 Hz.

Out-of-the-Box Feed
Forward Control

DVIA isolation systems come equipped with feedforward controls on all models. These controls use real-time ground sensor measurements to detect and preemptively cancel vibrations before reaching the isolated mass. The dynamic control adapts seamlessly to changing vibration levels, eliminating the need for constant re-tuning and ensuring consistent outstanding performance.

It’s Simple. Plug & Play!

Set up the DVIA-T with the push of two buttons. The Auto Leveling feature ensures the platform stays balanced based on weight distribution to optimize performance.

Customizable Options

The DVIA-T offers custom top plate and custom desk platform options, so you can configure and optimize your workspace to fit your needs.


DVIA-T Specifications

Dedication to Quality

All Daeil Systems products are TUV and CE certified.


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