About Us

About Us


With over four decades of experience, VEC specializes in providing site evaluations and engineered solutions for precision instruments to mitigate acoustic, vibration, and magnetic field issues. Serving electron microscopy, semiconductor manufacturing, research institutions, and national laboratories, VEC continuously invests in cutting-edge technologies and strategic partnerships to optimize products and services for clients' project requirements.

Our Core Values

VEC values trust as the foundation of excellent relationships, prioritizing client value, intellectual honesty, and outstanding service. The company strives to deliver informed decision-making support to clients investing in critical equipment.

Always provide value to our clients

When you choose VEC, we prioritize making your investment in time and resources worthwhile. We aim to share our knowledge and experience, empowering you to make informed decisions about your critical equipment.

To be intellectually honest with clients

We base our recommendations on the data we collect. VEC views providing accurate, reliable data as a matter of integrity. We are transparent concerning our methodology and only propose products of the highest quality.

Provide clients with outstanding service

We endeavor to be responsive and punctual to meet client requirements quickly. Beyond our traditional products and services, we always strive to accommodate unique client requests.


VEC’s top-tier customer service is evident in Site Surveys and Evaluations, covering vibrations, acoustic noise, magnetic fields, and more. The site evaluation process involves identifying requirements, developing data collection plans, baseline data collection, source identification, and providing remediation and recommendations.


VEC offers best-in-class engineered solutions, including Daeil Systems’ active vibration isolation products and Spicer magnetic field cancellation systems. The company also provides acoustic abatement solutions and monitoring systems to address clients’ needs.


VEC stands out with best-in-class reports, comprehensive site surveys covering single and multiple instruments, and collaboration with project personnel. The company offers beginning-to-end project support, conducting site evaluations, customizing recommendations, installing remediation equipment, and ensuring final site validation.

Our Team

Our team stands out for its exceptional ability to turn challenges into opportunities, driven by a shared commitment to excellence. We consistently surpass expectations, delivering remarkable results for our clients.
We're incredibly proud of our crew and think they're pretty great - check them out!


Based in Burlingame, CA, VEC is an integral part of the Silicon Valley ecosystem, serving companies and research organizations at the forefront of technological innovation.


VEC serves customers throughout North America and worldwide, leveraging its Silicon Valley experience to provide high-quality products and services. The company is committed to going the extra mile, even jumping on floatplanes to assist clients.

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