Low-Profile Vibration Isolation:

VEC Announces the Daeil Systems DVIA-ML

VEC proudly introduces the low-profile DVIA-ML, the latest innovation in our vibration isolation product lineup. Building upon the foundations of the DVIA-MB, the new DVIA-ML packs superior active vibration isolation performance into a platform that is just 182 mm in height. It offers an unparalleled space-saving solution without sacrificing performance, making it a game-changer for facilities utilizing tall electron microscopes and other sensitive equipment.


The compact design of the DVIA-ML represents an impressive 34% reduction in height compared to the leading competitor’s high-performance product, marking a significant achievement in providing more stable and space-efficient vibration isolation solutions. This reduction not only allows for greater flexibility in laboratory and industrial setups but also enhances the system’s stability by lowering the center of gravity, a crucial factor for sensitive measurements and operations.


DVIA-ML Highlights


     – Low Profile: The DVIA-ML is a low-profile isolation system 34% shorter than the leading

        competitor’s high-performance isolators. 


     – New Enhanced Software seamlessly adapts to changing environments: The enhanced

        software on the DVIA-ML features a novel feedforward D gain control. It stabilizes vibrations

        below 0.5 Hz, ensuring stability and consistent performance. Dynamic control adjusts to

        changing vibration levels, eliminating the need for frequent re-tuning.


     – Less Sensitive to Variations in Floor Stiffness: The DVIA-M series uses a pneumatic passive

        component and feedforward control for active isolation, making it less dependent on floor

        stiffness than piezoelectric systems.


     – Precision Technology and Components: The DVIA-ML features actuators at each platform

        corner for precise vibration control, complemented by eleven geophone sensors for accurate,

        low-frequency vibration detection starting at 0.3 Hz.


A Commitment to Excellence


VEC remains dedicated to pushing the boundaries of technology to provide our clients with solutions that not only meet but exceed their expectations. By prioritizing a low-profile design without compromising on functionality, we are setting a new standard and offering our clients unprecedented stability, space efficiency, and performance. The DVIA-ML low-profile vibration isolation system is a testament to our commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction.

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