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With the site evaluation and design discussion completed, we move forward with the remediation plan for your site or space to ensure that you reach the level of performance you require in your space. Remediation can include retrofitting an air handler or other facility support equipment, or selecting vibration isolation tables, acoustic enclosures, EMI cancellation systems, and other products as required.

Remediation also may include client support for work with the architectural teams, construction teams, and other key stakeholders to communicate project and tool requirements. We can manage vendor evaluation and bid collection, and analyze the cost, features, and applicability of each product and system to make it easier for you to select the best solutions.

Following any remediation steps, we always validate that all measures put into place are performing as expected.

What you can expect from VEC:

  • We will provide recommendations for remediation of your site, if required.
  • We can design and install a Spicer Magnetic Field Cancellation System if this solution is needed to address magnetic field interference
  • We can design and install a Daeil Vibration Isolation Platform if floor Vibrations cause interference
  • We can help you select the best solutions from other suppliers for mitigating other sources of interference

The advantages to working with VEC:

  • We provide honest recommendations to you based on data collected and years of experience evaluating remediation options
  • We have installed more magnetic field cancellation systems than any other vendor in the world and can design the installation for a single tool or multiple tools in the same facility.
Vibration Reduction for Sensitive Instruments