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Spicer Magnetic Field Cancellation System

The Spicer magnetic field cancellation system provides unmatched protection against AC and DC fields for high-resolution electron microscopes.  The system detects the ambient magnetic field with a sensor and then generating an equal and opposite field using cable loops positioned around the microscope.  The result is a near-zero magnetic field along the electron beam-column and the elimination of magnetic field disturbance on the image.

Vibration Engineering Consultants is proud to be a distributor for the Spicer magnetic field cancellation systems in the USA, Canada, Mexico, and South America. Spicer Consulting is the manufacturer of many of the microscopy and semiconductor industries’ preferred solutions for magnetic field cancellation.

Find the Right Magnetic Field Cancellation System

Not all facilities require magnetic field cancellation as part of the remediation strategy.  For those that do, our collaboration with Spicer provides a distinct advantage when these systems are needed.

The most efficient and cost-effective way to eliminate electromagnetic fields is with the well-designed Spicer magnetic field cancellation system. VEC engineers work side by side with Spicer’s engineering team to configure a customized field cancellation solution specific to your unique room dimensions and individual tool specifications.

We provide three magnetic field cancellation systems to our clients:

VEC engineers consider your current room layout and adjacent tools in the system design, along with any other design requirements.  After installation, the system does not require additional tuning because the system dynamically responds to frequency and magnitude changes in the fields.  Once in place, end users can truly turn it on and forget about it.

Spicer systems are implemented worldwide in facilities with electron microscopes, electron beam lithography systems, CD metrology tools, focused ion beam systems and other similar sensitive electronic equipment.  Spicer systems enable these instruments to operate free of image distortion and loss of resolution from magnetic fields.

Find the Right System for Your Facility

The investment in professional microscopy and semiconductor equipment is a significant one. Make sure that your environment isn’t dampening the effects of these tools.

If you have any questions about magnetic field cancellation systems, and how you can benefit, contact us today!

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