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Vibration Isolation for Cryo-TEM: Over 90% Measured Reduction at 2 Hzwewewe

Using a Cryo-TEM in structural biology imaging requires a stable platform to create the 3D images researchers demand. Unfortunately, many facilities that require Cryo-TEM instrumentation are in less-than-ideal locations regarding vibration.
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Isolated Slabs: Do they work? What does the data say?wewewe

VEC works with many customers who either have installed or consider installing “Isolation Slabs” to isolate an instrument from building vibration and other sources of vibration that
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Piezo vz DVIA MB

DVIA-M vs Piezoelectric Vibration Isolation Systems. Which is King?wewewe

The Daeil DVIA-M series vibration isolations system is the premier active vibration isolation system with excellent broadband vibration isolation and superior performance at low frequencies.
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Electron Microscope Vibration: An Increasing Issue in Today’s Laboratorieswewewe

Electron microscope vibration is an increasing concern in modern laboratories because of improving resolution and extended duration imaging. At higher resolution, external vibrations have a proportionally greater impact on image quality. Also, extended duration imaging and 3D reconstructions cause image quality to be more susceptible to incremental sources of vibration
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Active vs. Passive Vibration Isolationwewewe

Active vs. passive vibration isolation, understanding the difference is critical to mitigating the impacts of vibration on equipment performance. Passive isolation systems use the natural properties of a spring and a dampener to reduce vibration.
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What are VC-Curves, why are they useful, and how are they relevant?wewewe

Vibration Criteria Curves, or VC-Curves, are a standard way to report vibration. They are helpful because they allow users to compare vibration levels across locations using a standardized, widely accepted format. However, electron microscopes
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