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Semiconductor manufacturing facilities have their own unique DC magnetic fields created by the wafer transport robots operating within 300 mm wafer fabs. These magnetic fields, usually in the 9 kHz range, degrade the imaging and analytical performance of electron beam imaging and analysis tools also located in the fab. The SC26 cancels the magnetic fields that are unique to semiconductor manufacturing facilities with overhead wafer transport robots.

Spicer SC26 - Vibration Engineering ConsultantsSpicer SC26 DC magnetic field cancellation


The SC26 system is a wide bandwidth system that can cancel magnetic fields from DC up to 10 kHz. This results in an ambient magnetic field that is compatible with optimal electron beam tool operation in wafer fabs. The SC26 uses low inductance field cancelling cables to achieve its wide bandwidth. A VEC engineer installs these cables in the electron beam tool enclosure. There are inputs for two 200 kHz AC field sensors, allowing signal mixing to optimize the electron beam tool performance. Field cancelling can be extended down to DC by adding a “Sensor SC24/DC+AC” and a sensor combiner for each input channel used. The SC26 cannot be used with larger cables in a “room” installation.

SC26 Features

  • One button automatic setup
  • Wideband cancelling, from DC to >9 kHz fields, in real time
  • Adapts to field amplitude and frequency changes within 10 µs
  • Touch screen UI with automatic setup and DC reset
  • Simultaneous AC and DC field display; choice of Tesla or Gauss units
  • Dual sensor mixing to create virtual sensor “inside” the EM column
  • Built-in test field generator
  • Ethernet and USB ports for remote operation and monitoring

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