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VEC now distributes the Spicer SC26 Magnetic Field Cancelling System

VEC and Spicer Consulting have entered into an agreement for VEC to distribute the SC26 Magnetic Field Cancelling System. The SC26 is designed specifically to cancel magnetic fields unique to 300mm semiconductor wafer manufacturing facilities with overhead wafer transport robots.


“This agreement will greatly benefit VEC customers,” states Paul Blanton, President and CEO of VEC. “A large number of our clients are semiconductor manufacturers with instruments in their fabs that require the SC26 solution. Being able to work with VEC directly when this solution is needed gives our customers a more rapid time to resolution and a more streamlined remediation process.”

The SC26 Magnetic Field Cancelling System is a wide bandwidth system that can cancel magnetic fields from DC up to 10 kHz. This results in an ambient magnetic field that is compatible with optimal electron beam tool op

eration in wafer fabs. The SC26 uses low inductance field cancelling cables to achieve its wide bandwidth. A VEC engineer installs these cables in the electron beam tool enclosure. There are inputs for two 200 kHz AC field sensors, allowing signal mixing to optimize the electron beam tool performance. Field cancelling can be extended down to DC by adding a “Sensor SC24/DC+AC” and a sensor combiner for each input channel used.

Learn more about the SC26 System here or contact VEC for further information.

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