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VEC Take the Guesswork out of Acoustic Abatement

Acoustic noise is often a factor in laboratories and clean rooms with precision instrumentation. Pumps, compressors, other support equipment, and noise from air handlers, particularly in clean room environments, present challenges to users. In addition to degrading instrument performance, a noisy environment impacts user comfort, productivity, and health. VEC proudly offers various proprietary and best-in- class products for laboratory and clean room applications.

We offer a variety of products to meet your specific needs: 

  • Sound Absorption Panels 
  • Sound Barrier Panels 
  • Acoustic Enclosures
  • Cleanroom Panels 
  • Beam Safety Products 

VEC Reduces Noise in Electron Microscopy Lab by 75%

In a lab setting, noise impacts comfort and efficiency. A customer approached VEC with noise issues in their electron microscopy lab. VEC's acoustic abatement solutions made an impressive difference, reducing disruptive noise from support equipment and adjacent areas. 

Sound Absorption Products 

Hard surfaces result in noise refracting throughout
the lab, elevated noise levels, and making the space sounds “echoey.” VEC offers sound absorption materials such as the Pinta Sonex One and Sonex Mini panels to reduce reverberant noise in the laboratory. Many other products are also available to meet your performance and design requirements.


Sound Transmission Products 

Equipment chases are noisy areas, and it is essential to keep noise from entering the laboratory space for both the instrumentation and equipment operators. VEC offers many products with outstanding sound transmissions performance, such as the Prospec Composite with sound absorption and sound transmission properties.

Acoustic Enclosures 

Acoustic enclosures allow customers to isolate only the instrument in applications with very high noise levels or when treating the room and noise source is impractical. VEC offers the Daeil DSE Series Acoustic Enclosure which provides best-in-class sound performance for your SEM or Dual Beam microscope. With 18 dB of noise reduction at 80 Hz, 20 dB at 100 Hz, and 40 dB at 200 Hz, the Daeil DSE will bring most locations within the microscope’s acoustic specification. In addition, the enclosure has a cooling control system to prevent rising temperatures, and users can add custom configurations and accessories according to requirements.

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VEC Cleanroom Products 

VEC Cleanroom Acoustic products are designed and tested specifically for cleanroom applications. Cleanrooms have
many noise sources, including mechanical equipment, fan filter units, pumps, compressors, etc. VEC designed its cleanroom products explicitly to reduce noise in cleanroom applications. With a reinforced mylar exterior that is cleanroom compliant, it is durable, easily washable, and stain resistant.


VEC Cleanroom Acoustic Absorption Panel (VEC-CAP-A) is a wall-mounted panel that absorbs ambient cleanroom noise, dramatically reducing noise refraction and overall noise levels.


The VEC-CAP-B absorbs noise in the cleanroom much like the VEC-CAP-A, with the added benefit of preventing noise transmission through walls. The VEC-CAP-B is ideal for walls between the cleanroom chase and aisles with noise sensitive tools and instruments or on walls adjacent to rooms with large mechanical equipment.

Beam Safety Products 

Beam safety is an essential consideration in any laser lab. In addition to improving safety, laser curtains can assist in noise reduction and add an element of privacy for researchers. VEC can provide custom BEAMSTOP’R laser curtains required in your beam laboratory. Our custom laser safety curtains’ fabric is blackout, flexible, flame retardant per NFPA 701, and provides protection from all lasers up to Class 4 (IV) by confining stray laser plume, following ANSI Standards.

VEC works with you to determine the best and most cost effective solution to meet your specific laser blocking needs.

Vibration Reduction for Sensitive Instruments