DVIA-UB Platform

Cost-Effective Active Vibration Isolation for Conventional High-Resolution SEM, FIB and FIB/SEM and Other Analytical Instruments

The DVIA-UB is a low-profile, cost-effective, active vibration isolation platform that VEC can install directly under microscopes up to 1000 kg. To achieve a more streamlined design, we integrated both the isolators and the controller into the DVIA-UB base. The integrated design eliminates excess cables and the need for a separate controller.

Based on your microscope’s unique design, VEC will work with you to customize the platform to match your footprint and weight requirements.

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Exceptional Low & High-Frequency Active
Vibration Isolation

The DVIA-UB series incorporates sensors and actuators within the feedback and feedforward control systems to reduce vibration in 1–10 Hz range. Also, the DVIA-UB uses passive spring isolators’ outstanding vibration isolation performance at frequencies above 10 Hz. The result is a 10x reduction in vibration by 5 Hz and with greater than 20x reduction in vibration above 10 Hz.


Both the isolators and the controller are integrated into the base to create a more streamlined design. With a height of only 96 mm (2.78 in), DVIA-UB is an excellent choice for microscopes in enclosures or at facilities with height constraints.


Out-of-the-Box Feed
Forward Control

DVIA isolation systems come equipped with feedforward controls on all models. These controls use real-time ground sensor measurements to detect and preemptively cancel vibrations before reaching the isolated mass. The dynamic control adapts seamlessly to changing vibration levels, eliminating the need for constant re-tuning and ensuring consistent outstanding performance.

Controlling Vibrations in all
Six Degrees of Freedom

Inertial sensors and electromagnetic actuators installed in the DVIA-MB active vibration isolation systems detect and control vibrations in three translational degrees of motion ( X, Y, and Z), and three rotational degrees of motion (pitch, roll, and yaw).

Six Degrees of Freedom

On-Site Tuning for
Better Performance

Vibration levels vary depending on the environment, location, vibration sources, and other factors. VEC uses onsite data and instrument dimensions to tune the feedback and feedforward control systems to maximize vibration isolation performance.


Turnkey Solutions

VEC delivers turnkey solutions for vibration isolation, magnetic field cancellation, and acoustic abatement for your laboratory. You get expert guidance in product selection, transparent design, on-site installation, and post-sale support for sustained performance with us.

Product Selection

VEC reviews instrument specifications, site testing data, and facility layout to select the product most suitable for your requirements.


VEC provides design documents based on instrument footprint, product details, and project drawings to communicate the proposed solution before purchase. Seismic calculations and stamped structural drawings are available as needed.


VEC ensures production accuracy based on the design and will keep project members abreast of timelines and delivery details.

Stakeholder Coordination

VEC strives to clearly coordinate with the many project stakeholders, including architects, facilities, contractors, and equipment manufacturers.


VEC engineers will provide on-site installation services to ensure your systems' proper installation and performance. VEC provides installation reports documenting the installation and system performance.


VEC stands behind its products and performance beyond the sale and installation, and engineers are available for support as needed.


Dedication to Quality

All Daeil Systems products are TUV and CE certified.


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