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VEC Reduces Noise in Electron Microscopy Lab by 75%wewewe

In a laboratory environment, noise can be a significant problem that affects personnel comfort and instrument efficiency. Recently, a customer had a chase for an electron microscopy lab that was becoming
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Acoustic Noise in Laboratories: Understanding the Problem & Finding Solutionswewewe

Laboratories are places where precision and accuracy are of utmost importance. Any external factor that affects the accuracy of the results can be disastrous. One such factor that often goes unnoticed is acoustic noise.
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Electron Microscope Vibration: An Increasing Issue in Today’s Laboratorieswewewe

Electron microscope vibration is an increasing concern in modern laboratories because of improving resolution and extended duration imaging. At higher resolution, external vibrations have a proportionally greater impact on image quality. Also, extended duration imaging and 3D reconstructions cause image quality to be more susceptible to incremental sources of vibration
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What are VC-Curves, why are they useful, and how are they relevant?wewewe

Vibration Criteria Curves, or VC-Curves, are a standard way to report vibration. They are helpful because they allow users to compare vibration levels across locations using a standardized, widely accepted format. However, electron microscopes
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Overcoming Microscopy Interference When You Can’t Find the Source of the Problemwewewe

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) is a national laboratory located in Berkeley, CA, with a focus on bringing together multidisciplinary teams of researchers to advance scientific discovery.
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Understanding and Mitigating Vibration In Your Facilitywewewe

Low-frequency and high-frequency vibration both have a significant impact on electron microscopy laboratories and high-tech manufacturing facilities. These two types of vibration stem from different causes and the strategy for mitigating vibration for each is also different
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